Be Prepaired for His Coming

I know I sound like an extremist with all the post about man manipulating the weather but it is happening and not only that they are faking aliens so you will believe their lies We are living in the end times and satan is doing everything in his power to deceive people and bring death and destruction to anyone he can. Don’t be deceived by your government who are in leagues with satan and his demons Be awake and put on the armor of Yahuah. Yahushua is coming soon and He may come and go without you even knowing if you’re not careful. Allo these disasters may not seem like signs to some but to me, this is no coincidence. These are signs of whats to come. You can ignore it or prepare yourselves it’s up to you. There are some who still have their eyes open there are many who are just plain blind Open your eyes Yahuah  Is Coming Have Oil For Your Lanterns!!!!!!

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