Preach on Facebook and Blogs!!!!

What better place can you ask for that will get the Gospel to everyone than on facebook or blogging. If you truly want to get the message out to people then blog it add your blog to the main search engines and then it goes out to the world. I’m sure our Heavenly Father won’t care if we use these resources to spread the Gospel.It’s free to do it and so are the search engines if you know what you’re doing.Our goal is to reach as many as we can and get the preaching work done so that we can help as many as possible come to Jesus and be saved.That is our purpose or it should be anyway.It’s ok to post scriptures but it’s better to bring people into the word of God and help them to learn The Bible. So help people by telling them how you came to the Lord and help them understand The Bible.

4 thoughts on “Preach on Facebook and Blogs!!!!

  1. I believe divinely destined minds are in accord with ONE another and that’s where we’re beneficial when it comes to leading others to Christ. I link my posts to my Facebook page AND I share the posts on my personal Facebook page. I’ve recently started an Instagram account where I share my textgrams (what I call written memes I post on there) or even excerpts of my writings and posts.

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