Will you be like Jesus?

You know I hear people complain that they are poor and they wish they had more.We can learn from Jesus and His apostles.They were poor. the only thing they had was what was on their backs. They never asked to be rich because they already were. They knew where their treasures were stored up. For earthly things, they did not want. Why are you trying to store up what will rust and rot. Money can’t buy you heaven or a minute longer on your life span.People who are poor for the most part are humble and meek They shall receive the Kingdom Of Heaven those who are rich already have their rewards.Do not pray for material things let God bless you with Heavenly rewards. God knows what you need and He will give you these things as He sees fit. Let God rule your lives turn it over to Him stop worrying about what you are to eat or wear. I once lived on the streets for many years I wasn’t even Christain I was pagan and hated God but did He let me starve? No, He didn’t He clothed me even tho I was a sinner and unrepentant He fed me even tho I spoke against Him. God and His Son Jesus will always take care of you.Give Him yourselves Be saved and let Him decide whats best for you. It is obvious that we cannot take care of ourselves .I’m living proof of that.

2 thoughts on “Will you be like Jesus?

  1. I’m already HERE–at this state concerning my walk with God. I desire very little in this life and crave so much of God. I was sharing a conversation with a cabbie one time being single sometimes you have to acknowledge your TOTAL satisfaction in Christ openly, publicly, and unashamedly. I told him that I had a man whom I was happy with because He provided everything that I needed and if I wanted anything else that I may see such as a new pair of sneakers to exercise in I just look at them and tell God how badly I need those new, more supportive sneakers, of course He already knows, but I tell Him and go on. Sometimes later on, when the timing is HIS time, I’m able to get that extra thing that I desire and more often than not I end up getting it for an even better price. No, I desire and love nothing nor no one as much as the Lord. Funny, I’ve been sharing this as a divine secret to contentment and happiness lately but one must also know how to be humble and thankful but more so appreciative of the “little things” in life. Thank you for sharing, God bless!

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