Are you ready ?

Soon, my friends, you will have to make your stand Either you’re with The Christ or against Him, I hope you will choose Jesus and join us in paradise. The world is very wicked and getting worse every day If you stay in the world then you will die with her. Stop giving your allegiance to flags nations and kings and presidents. They will only fail you and drag you down to hell where they are going Please for the love of God get out while you can. The hour is here we haven’t much longer to go. AS in the days of Noah, we are there. Soon our Lord will come and save us from this wicked world and take us to a much better place Don’t miss the boat. He’s coming Either be hot or cold and not luke warm or He will spew you out of His mouth. It’s your choice to make I can’t make you give your life to God I’m only the messenger. I can only hope you will take heed and Repent now and be washed in His Holy Blood So you too will live forever with God and His Son. Praise be to The Father and His Son!!!

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