One thought on “Hell Youve got it all Wrong

  1. Mostly accutate, minus 7:55 abouts where it days Satan is bound to earth 1000 years while we live in heaven (I didn’t watch past that point) “Behold, that great city, new Jerusalem come down from heaven.” Jerusalem is established on earth after Jesus returns and destroys the false prophet. He and his saints rule for 1000 years, then Satan is loosed and there is rebellion. After that comes the 2nd resurrection of death.

    You have a great zeal for things of God, but we should be careful when looking to man-made understandings of prophesy. Those who add or take away from Revelation are sternly punished. Rather than lookin go man, or what I say, seek to be filled with th Spirit so you are better equipped to know the true from the false.

    With love in Christ,

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