My Prayer

I pray tonight that Jesus comes soon to take us out of this wicked world and take us to the place where all is perfect.I pray he heals all those who are sick and starving.I pray for those who are attacked by the devil and his demons.Please oh Lord bring us to salvation.I pray that sinners repent and come to our Lord Jesus Christ that you may be reborn in the spirit.Lord let them come to you and be saved.In Jesus Holy Name I pray🙂

9 thoughts on “My Prayer

  1. You call Jesus, I call God, who is only one in his creation, has already come on this earth and doing his part to purify all the souls so that they could be taken with him to heaven. As presently every soul is impure in one or other way and only God has that power to purify us. Believe me, he is here, but not in corporeal form but incorporeal(light of knowledge). He is daily guiding and teaching us to help us to become pure telling the truth of our origin. I want to tell you that you can know more about him and connect with him to become pure(don’t think it’s for any one religion) at

    May you find God here.

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    1. I read The Bible or listen to it everyday I trust no man or his words Only the bible I know God quite well ive turned my life over to him and serve only Him and Glorfy His Sons name I owe Jesus my life He gave His life for me and ill give mine in return


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