Read Your Bibles!!!!!!

I hear to many telling others to disregard The Old Testament as if God had men write it for not. The Entire Bible and everything within it from beginning to end is very important. Anything God has to say will always be of utmost importance. Anyone who tells you otherwise will suffer Gods wrath.

I also notice people shy away from Bible warnings and dont like telling others of whats to come and f the consequences of their actions or if they chose to ignore Gods warnings. Just remember this You are accountable for all who fall because of you.Daniel and Revelations are very important in our day. Because its whats happening right now. Preach The Gospel To every living Creature!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Read Your Bibles!!!!!!

  1. AMEN, this is the problem. Very few want to devour the ENTIRE feast that is set before us. Instead, there are some that want to treat God’s word as if it were a buffet–pick what you want to eat and leave the rest–I’m sorry, I’m sorry NOT! It’s time that people start eating the…whole…feast. Sure, some things are bitter and some are sweet but ALL must be consumed to be pleasing to the King that set the feast for us to partake in if we’re to be pleasing to Him.

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  2. As a pastor, I understand that where I preach and teach from will directly show people how I view God’s Word. This is why I am intentionally preaching through the Old Testament books as well as the New Testament books. I also encourage people to read through the entire Bible multiple times before they die!

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