Follower or Unfollower

A Passion for Christ

In this present world in which we live, social media seems to be the order of the day. Facebook pages are gauged by the amount of likes, Twitter & Instagram are about followers and who you are following.

We tend to follow people who are friends, associates, business partners or sometimes just because we take an interest in the content they post. The same goes for people who follow us.

It is worth saying that there is a dilemma in all of this. There are situations where you maybe following a person in hopes that they follow you back, but sometimes they never do. Truth be told, most Instagram and Twitter accounts have more followers than following, of course with a few exceptions.

The difference between the two categories is a term called ‘Unfollower.’ An ‘unfollower’ is someone who may have followed you at some point and hence, decided to stop…

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