I put my faith in God not men

I know i go over this point but i think its crucial that everyone pays attention to what the Bible says about it. I don’t trust men at all. So i’m not part of any religion . However i do try to live my life by Bible standards. I know if i go by it i cant go wrong. God inspired it and was meant that everyone (not just preachers ) could understand it. Its a message of peace and love.

Anything that is not of peace and love Is not of God so it must be of the devil. War is wrong killing is wrong. Anything that involves paganism is wrong there are scriptures in the Bible that forbid us to take part in it. There are scriptures that forbid us to take part in homosexual activities or support it.This was an abomination to God then It still is. He never changed that. Jesus laid down his life so we could be forgiven of these things,

But if you don’t repent!!! How can you be forgiven? I know that some will say i’m forsaking the gathering of ourselves together, But i often talk to others about Jesus and God. So where 2 or more gather in his name that is where he will be. The reason i wrote this is because the end is upon us and many are being mislead. Don’t be one of those who mistakenly goes down the wrong path.

Being a Christian is hard not easy If its easy for you then might want to rethink your decisions. Read your Bibles and pray to the father for guidance and He will show you the way. He wants all of us to make our way to Him. God bless you all. Now you know a little about me.

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